Amusements Product

• An Online merchandising kiosk branded to your Location
• Simple installation
• Generates profit with NO upfront cost
• Increases Location sales without additional inventory
• Customers can purchase with player cards or cash
• Purchased items ship directly to your Location

Mission Statement

“To impact our customers, our community, and our industry in a positive manner while developing innovative technologies that will improve revenues and offer regulated and responsible entertainment to our players! “

This is the mission statement of Diamond Amusements, Inc. where we strive every day to make a positive impact on society, by generating local jobs, by contributing regulated gaming revenue to Georgia Education Programs and by working with regulatory agencies across the state helping to increase knowledge and understanding of the coam industry.

Proud support of

Why choose Diamond Amusements?

✓ All metal, highly secure, uniform and matching machines Innovative, exclusive and branded technology
✓ Enhanced compliance and monthly performance evaluations
✓ Industry Veterans with 30+ years experience
✓ 24/7 service and support with the Highest Referral rate in the State

Benefits of COAMs

➢ Increased customer traffic at location
➢ Benefits Hope and Pre-K programs
➢ Increased sales of other store product
➢ Daily Total Net Revenue Amount Per Machine is $90 per day
➢ Location commission for 2018 fiscal year $338 Million
*(Data from GLC COAM Division Location License Holder Seminar July 18th, 2018)

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Online and competitive

Coin Operated games that keep your patrons playing for hours. Online they can compete around the world


Online and competitive

Increase your revenue by allowing your patrons to customize their experience with online digital media!

Tavern Games

Billiards, Darts, and more

Support league play and increase traffic to your business.

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Worry Free Operation and Branded to your Location Detailed reports for monthly COAM reporting Allows players to transfer credits between machines Saves Employee’s Time and Increased Compliance

Online Promotional Program for valued players
Promotes Loyalty to your business
Develops Brand Loyalty
No Cost to retailer
Excellent Prizes
Tiered Prize Structure
On Site Registration
No Cost to Players


“Diamond’s games have improved our revenues and increased our charitable efforts within our community!”

Larry D.-Elk Lodge

"Same day service and the best machines in the industry.”

Theresa A.-Multi Bar Owner

"Utilizing this card system simplified monthly reporting, and reduced my staff’s time while boosting my income.”

Gurdial S.-Chain C-Store Owner

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